Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Updated Jun 08, 2020

Successful companies value diversity and inclusion. Diverse workplaces increase innovation, retention, and market share. But what does an inclusive work environment look like? And what does it mean to manage diversity? Using real case studies and examples, the instructor helps you create a strategic plan to support diversity and inclusion in your workplace and manage a diverse workforce.

He outlines a process for creating a strategic plan and benchmarks for success. To bring your plan to life, he provides tips for implementing a diversity policy, recruiting and hiring, and asking diversity-related questions during interviews. The trainer also explains how to integrate diversity within the performance management processes, including measuring employees on their ability to work well with others and measuring managers on their ability to drive and implement diversity initiatives.

The instructor covers "people practices," such as improving communication through open-door policies and ensuring work-life balance accommodates employees' lives and family responsibilities. When you're faced with organizational challenges, such as resistance to change, prejudice, or fear, Catherine provides tools to address them head-on.

This dynamic and interactive program lays the groundwork for fostering a truly inclusive workplace—that not only produces innovation, but results in happier and healthier teams. This is an excellent opportunity for all staff to identify where they are on the journey towards inclusive excellence, and contribute to an organization’s goal of being one of the best places to work, for all.