Disrespect and Crossing the Line

Disrespect and Crossing the Line

Seven Dimensions
Updated Oct 14, 2019

Course Overview

It is not unusual for some people cross the line of acceptable behavior by making disrespectful comments. Peter Quarry explains to Eve Ash that pretending it was “only a joke”, or not intended to offend is irrelevant, especially if the other person is hurt. Tips for countering this behavior include staying calm, describing the undesirable behavior and instances when it’s occurred, plus the impact that it has. It is important that the offended person ask that the behavior stops.

Peter Quarry explains that some behaviors cause offense, irrespective of intention. The other person should remain calm, explain how the behavior’s impact and request that it ceases.

Learning Objectives

Disrespect (borderline harassment) often takes the form of 

Offensive behavior

Pretending the behavior was a joke

The person who is offended should

Be non-aggressive

Explain the hurtful impact of the person’s behavior

Ask the other person to cease and desist

Interviewer: Eve Ash

Interviewee: Peter Quarry