Difficult Situations bundle

Difficult Situations bundle

With this course, you employees will get to know the delicate skill of handling ‘difficult customers.

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Updated Feb 01, 2021

When a service problem occurs, it’s also likely to create an upset or irate customer, further compounding an already sticky situation. Service professionals must not only be problem solvers, but also tactful negotiators of human emotion. Understand how to work with upset or irate customers in difficult situations and how it is different from working with people who are difficult customers. We will show you a four-step model for calming upset customers and show you how to identify seven types of difficult customers including a strategy to work with each type of difficult customer. We have five Difficult Situations courses available in this series that focus on calming upset/irate customers, difficult customers, call escalation, handling complaints, delivering bad news. Each course averages 15 minutes to complete with a post assessment included for each course. The Application Activity forms will allow the participant to apply the learnings in their own scenario and environment