Difficult Conversations: How To Master Them

Difficult Conversations: How To Master Them

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Updated Nov 30, 2018

Course Description

From time to time many of us will face conversations which we anticipate will be difficult and which we may feel ill-equipped to handle. We may also occasionally be involved in amicable conversations that suddenly turn sour. Having the knowledge and confidence to deal with these situations can mean the difference between a relationship fortified and a relationship lost, or a sale made, and a sale lost. Those who have mastered the art of dealing with difficult conversations know very well that it is rarely an overnight phenomenon. It takes years of experience to hone.

The stark reality is that dealing with difficult conversations is fraught with pitfalls almost guaranteed to unhinge the novice. This course is designed to equip you with both the skillset and the confidence you need to successfully manage difficult conversations and ensure that both sides have the best chance of leaving the encounter feeling happy. This course aims to be CONCISE and ACTIONABLE. It is jam packed with tips and tricks.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand the circumstances that lead to difficult conversations
  • Learn ways of handling difficult conversations
  • Understand how to use empathy to facilitate a conversation
  • Ask open and supportive questions
  • Focus on facts, not personalities
  • Use tone and body language to great effect
  • Handle challenges whilst remaining calm
  • Learn how to reach agreement and close the conversation gracefully

Who is Alan Stevens?

Alan has been speaking professionally, on and off stage, for about 40 years. He has written a number of books on the subject, the most recent titled 'The Exceptional Speaker'. He is the most decorated public speaker in the world, having won more awards than any other speaker. He has been the President of the Global Speakers Federation as well as President of the National Speakers Federation in the UK. During his career he has worked with thousands of people and blue chip companies to help them improve their presentation skills.


“Alan, most of the time it is hard to get honest replies from people about the content of my communication, and how I can become better at what I do. Thank you very much for your professional advice and help – I really appreciate it.”– Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, The UK’s most successful Paralympic athlete

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who would like to improve the way they deal with difficult conversations. It is suitable for all professionals who are involved in client facing roles. It will also be useful for sales people looking increase their success rate.

Learning Objectives

Top tips and tricks on dealing with tough conversations. With Alan Stevens, the world's most decorated public speaker

Course Duration

0.5 hours