Developing 'Authentic' Leadership

Developing 'Authentic' Leadership

Seven Dimensions
Updated Oct 14, 2019

Course Overview

Authenticity means knowing all the good and less desirable aspects of your nature. The blind part is the aspects that you don’t realize, but which can be decreased when you hear others’ feedback. Peter Quarry discusses how the public parts of our nature can be increased, while the hidden and blind parts can be decreased. The authentic leader recognizes all aspects of him/herself, earns the right to be trusted because they are open and honest, and are prepared to listen to the opinions of others.

Peter Quarry explains to Eve Ash that we all have public, hidden and blind parts in our nature. Being authentic means increasing the public side and decreasing our hidden and blind spots.

Learning Objectives

People crave authentic leadership. This is demonstrated by leaders who are:

  • Comfortable with themselves
  • Don’t taken themselves too seriously
  • Don’t focus too much on accomplishments
  • Are honest and open
  • Receptive to feedback

Interviewer: Eve Ash

Interviewee: Peter Quarry