Dementia 5 – Caring for the carer

Dementia 5 – Caring for the carer

Updated Feb 26, 2020

This is module 5 of a nine-part series looking at dementia. In this module, we look at the role of informal caregivers, family and friends in providing care and supporting the person living with dementia. This role comes at enormous cost to caregivers, especially when the person with dementia is living at home in the community. Support mechanisms are discussed and the role of paid staff in supporting caregivers is highlighted.  

This course has been mapped to the Aged Care Quality Standards 1, 2, 4, and 6.

In this course the following areas will be covered: 

  • the roles of family and friends in caring for a person living with dementia 

  • the impacts and costs involved in caregiving roles 

  • strategies for self-care 

  • making referrals to support agencies and systems. 

Business Outcomes 

Care staff often have contact with family members or friends who are bearing most of the responsibility for caring for the person with dementia. Care staff can observe how the caregiver is coping with the role, the care they are providing, and be instrumental in referring the caregiver to appropriate support systems. Adequate support for caregivers can reduce the attrition rate from this highly demanding role.