Dementia 4 – Activities for people with dementia

Dementia 4 – Activities for people with dementia

Updated Feb 26, 2020

This is module 4 of a nine-part series looking at dementia. In this module, we look at the benefits experienced through supporting the person living with dementia to participate in meaningful, age-appropriate activities. We also look at a variety of therapeutic activities – some which would be facilitated by a specialist, and many that can be integrated into the care approaches practiced by care and clinical staff.  

This course has been mapped to the Aged Care Quality Standards 1, 4, and 7.

In this course the following areas will be covered: 

  • the characteristics of appropriate activities 

  • the benefits of meaningful occupation (activity) 

  • a variety of specific therapeutic activities. 

Business Outcomes 

Social and personal relationships, doing things of interest, and having a purpose in life all contribute to emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being. Having insight into the value and benefit of meaningful, age-appropriate activity, aligned to the individual’s preferences, will empower care and lifestyle staff to encourage and facilitate the individual doing the things they want to do, living the way they want to live, and experiencing the best quality of life possible as they live with dementia.