Dealing With Difficult Behaviour

Dealing With Difficult Behaviour

Channel 1 Creative Media
Updated Feb 21, 2019

Course Overview 

In the office, there may be times when we are faced with difficult or aggressive behaviour. In a workplace this can certainly increase stress, lower productivity and damage morale This video details “The Lassie System”, a simple step by step system that details the verbal and visual messages you should be trying to convey.

Learning Objectives 

Learning outcomes for this video include:

  • The importance of listening
  • How to slow the aggressor down and ease the situation
  • How to work with the individual to arrive at a mutually beneficial resolution.

Target Audience 

Target audience is everyone in the office.

Business Outcomes  

There are times at work when we all are subjected to difficult or aggressive behaviour.  This video will arm your office workers with the skills required to deal effectively and efficiently with these situations.


4 Minutes