Dealing with an Incompetent Manager

Dealing with an Incompetent Manager

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jan 21, 2020

When things continually go wrong, it may be tempting to blame an incompetent manager. Before labelling your manager as incompetent, behavioral expert Peter Quarry suggests getting a realistic and independent appraisal of what’s going on. It may be a difference of working styles, or even a personality clash. And if your manager is incompetent, this course provides sound advice on strategies to move forward.

In this course you will learn to communicate your needs to the manager while negotiating outcomes., staying flexible and sharing coping strategies with others. And if you can no longer cope, and your health and wellbeing is at risk, it may be time to leave that team.

Key Learning Points
If you believe you have an incompetent manager Peter Quarry suggests that you:
•    Get your facts straight
•    Talk to someone independent
•    Communicate your needs to your manager
•    Negotiate the outcomes
•    Be flexible and prepared to change
•    Share coping strategies with others
•    If it becomes unbearable leave before you are damaged

By the end of this course, learners should be able to:
•    Apply some practical strategies for dealing with an incompetent manager
•    Examine the situation and get your facts straight
•    Identify someone independent you can talk to
•    Communicate your needs clearly to your manager
•    Identify and negotiate the outcomes
•    Change and be flexible to move forward
•    Compare and apply coping strategies with others in the team
•    Assess your wellbeing and if it becomes unbearable, leave before you are damaged

This course is part of the 2 Minutes To Success Series created by Psychologist Eve Ash. A series of two minute microlearning programs from psychology experts with practical advice and techniques to help you tackle workplace problems and be more productive less stressed improve your image and regain control of your life. There are programs to deal with challenging people and situations and strategies for professional development and managing yourself and others.