Data Wrangling with Python 3. x

Data Wrangling with Python 3. x

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Updated Jan 09, 2020

You might be working in an organization, or have your own business, where data is being generated continuously (structured or unstructured) and you are looking to develop your skillset so you can jump into the field of Data Science. This hands-on guide shows programmers how to process information.  

In this course, you will gather data, prepare data for analysis, perform simple statistical analyses, create meaningful data visualizations, and more! This course will equip you with the tools and technologies you need to analyze datasets (real-life datasets containing lots of anomalies) using Python so that you can confidently jump into the field and enhance your skillset. The best part of this course is the take-away code templates generated using the real-life dataset. Towards the end of the course, you'll build an intuitive understanding of all the aspects available in Python for Data Wrangling.  

Target Audience 

This course is for Python developers, data analysts, and IT professionals who are keen to explore data analytics/insights to enrich their current personal or professional projects.   Having a rudimentary idea about relational database and SQL would be a bonus. Even seasoned Python developers can benefit from this course as it focuses on data engineering aspects.   

Business Outcomes 

  • Perform effective data wrangling to achieve your analytical goals by working with real-world problems.  

  • A step-by-step guide to acquiring and then pre-processing datasets to draw useful insights from them.  

  • Use the in-built features of Python to acquire, clean, analyze, and present data efficiently.