Cybersecurity Toolkit: Phishing

Cybersecurity Toolkit: Phishing

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Updated Feb 04, 2020

Welcome to the “Cybersecurity Toolkit,” a series of video lessons designed to cover everything you need to know about keeping your workplace safe from cyberattacks. This lesson, “Cybersecurity: Phishing,” is intended to define and describe different types of phishing attacks and provide action steps to avoid these attacks. This lesson begins by defining the term “phishing” before describing its many forms such as email spoofing, mass brand impersonation, URL phishing, website spoofing, subdomain attacks, in-session phishing, image phishing, vishing, search engine attacks, and more. Also, in this lesson, the viewer will learn about the important steps to follow to avoid phishing attacks, such as be paranoid, only log in to secure sites, and don’t post personal information on social media. Keywords: cyber security, cyber-security