Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Security Awareness

Bob's Business,Sandy Taft
Updated Feb 13, 2019

All professional and competent organisations should care about upskilling their workforce with essential training in cyber security. It is important that both organisations and their employees understand and feel confident that they know how to keep information secure at every level of the business.

Rigorous Cyber Security training is essential for any organisation that deals with personal and sensitive information on a daily basis. It can be a confusing topic to learn and can sometimes be a task all on its own to figure out where to start! Comprehensive cyber security management can be difficult to master, however, we are here to help you make sense of all the security essentials with this introductory course.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this cyber security training you should be able to:

  • Be able to understand what Cyber Security is.
  • Be able to understand and identify the different areas of Information Security.
  • Understand what could happen if you don’t implement Information Security.
  • Know why it’s important to keep information secure.
  • Know what Cyber and Information Security procedures you should put into practice.

Business Outcomes

During this course we will cover:

  • Cyber security procedures
  • Customer sensitive information
  • Proper password construction
  • Protection from malicious software
  • Email Etiquette
  • Clear Desk procedures
  • Social Engineering and its consequences
  • Remote / Mobile Working
  • Personal/physical security
  • Data handling
  • Incident handling


30 Minutes