Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Security Awareness

Sonic Performance Support
Updated Jul 18, 2019

Course Overview

Cybersecurity has never been more prominent in the news than these days. Colossal breaches made headlines across the globe. In nearly all cases it was a human who clicked on an attachment that installed malware or unveiled sensitive information. Becoming aware of cyber attack tactics and techniques will reduce the chances of a data breach dramatically. According to, end-user awareness and training reduces security-related risks for organizations by 45% to 70%.

Target Audience

Our video training program is focused on increasing cyber security awareness and the use of best practices by individuals and organizations of all sizes.

Learning Objectives

Learn how to prevent an attack, detect an attack and react to an attack, how to convey effective defense techniques without getting overly suspicious and being unhelpful to legitimate customers and how to balance trust with verification.

Business Outcomes

Train your staff to prevent data loss and downtime