Cutting Edge Communication: Giving Managers Feedback

Cutting Edge Communication: Giving Managers Feedback

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Updated Sep 04, 2018
Marcus is pleased to invite open feedback. Carol enjoys a unique opportunity to give some feedback to her managers. She is excited at the prospect of pointing out some of their shortcomings. And when Carol gives feedback to her nemesis, Serena, she doesn’t hold back on criticism and attitude. Serena is taken aback. Marcus invites the team to give feedback to Carol in a group. She presumes her team loves her and will be glowing, but everyone except Casey has some critical feedback that is not all good news.Please note: These videos are designed to provoke discussion and response. They are fast-paced, short, character-driven, TV-style comedies that take a new approach to reaching today's learners. By laughing, discussing, sharing outrage, and reacting to the behaviors on screen, we can use the resulting feelings and thoughts to develop a clearer shared view of how we want our teams to behave and to better manage these types of situations. These programs partner well with the "Switch On" and/or "Workplace Excellence" series, also by Seven Dimensions.This program does not include a quiz. To achieve a completed status in the learning management system, you must view the video in its entirety.