Cutting Edge Communication: Accepting Change

Cutting Edge Communication: Accepting Change

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Updated Sep 04, 2018
Marcus holds a meeting to inform the team that the office will be changing over to a new system. Everyone is annoyed and frustrated. Steve, Michael, Alex and Casey all present objections to a system upgrade. Steve and Sanjay object to having to spend time bringing others up to speed. Marcus decides to get everyone to write down their negative thoughts and put them in a box but it doesn't seem to help the team. Until Steve has a positive impulse and suggests that with the combined skill set of the group and some focused effort then the challenge can be overcome. Please Note: These videos are designed to provoke discussion and response. They are fast paced; short; character-driven TV style comedies that take a new approach to reaching today's learners. By laughing; discussing; sharing outrage; and reacting to the behaviors on screen, we can use the resulting feelings and thoughts to develop a clearer shared view of how we want our teams to behave and to better manage these types of situations. These programs partner well with the Switch On and/or Workplace Excellence series, also by Seven Dimensions.This program does not include a quiz. To achieve a completed status in the Learning Management System, you must view the video in its entirety.