Customer Service Skills Pathway

Customer Service Skills Pathway

Updated Aug 27, 2020

Consistent customer service skills are not an accident but the result of good training and application of specific fundamentals to give customers an amazing experience that will bring them back time and time again Split into 12 bite-sized 10-minute videos each with a workbook, you will find this course both straight forward to manage and easy to apply.

Whether phone based or face to face these skills can be easily applied to any customer facing role.

Topics for this course include:

Attitude, customer service, communication, listening, questioning, showing empathy, being assertive, positive first impressions, difficult customers, keeping customers informed, fix the customer first and advanced customer service.

Each topic includes a workbook that will help you apply the principles in your role and provide an action plan that you can work towards for each area.

This pathway takes you through 12 x 10 minute interactive videos with workbooks and action plans to help you improve your customer service skills in any customer facing role.

Disclaimer: Please watch all of the videos in order to complete the workbook questions and action plan effectively