Customer Service - Internal & External Customers

Customer Service - Internal & External Customers

Channel 1 Creative Media
Updated Feb 28, 2019

Course Overview 

Every organisation has its customers. They’re the people who buy or rely on your products, your ideas or services. Most people have internal customers only, they’re the people who rely on your ideas or services.

Learning Objectives 

This video will explain how all customers should be treated.

  • The difference between internal vs external customers
  • The importance of each to an organisation and the individual
  • The ramifications if you don’t give great customer service
  • How to keep all customers delighted

Target Audience 

Target audience is those in any form of internal or external customer service.

Business Outcomes  

Organisations can benefit from the teachings in this video by having a switched on, happy to help, can do workforce, no matter who they are dealing with.


 2 Minutes