Customer Service 101

Customer Service 101

Companies with high quality customer service consistently perform their competitors by building more effective long-term relationships with their customers. This course explores the importance of customer service and covers essential skills in developing customer relationships and effectively resolving issues. You will learn how to manage your customer expectations and create better customer experiences in every aspect of your business.

Allara Learning
Updated Jul 01, 2019

Course Overview

Each year businesses in Australia lose an estimated $8 billion as a result of poor customer service. Understanding how to manage customer expectations and provide excellent service is crucial in gaining and retaining loyal customers and is a key factor in overall company success.

Featuring real-world scenarios, this interactive short course provides learners with the essential skills and knowledge necessary in developing customer relationships, resolving issues or complaints and creating positive customer service experiences all round.

Target Audience

Anyone in a customer facing role.

Learning Objectives

This course covers:

  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with customers
  • Identify and investigate opportunities to provide tailored customer service solutions based on individual customer needs
  • Communicate with customers in person, on the phone and digitally
  • Effectively and efficiently resolve customer issues or complaints
  • Provide a great customer service experience all round.