Cultivating Relationships with Your Peers

Cultivating Relationships with Your Peers

Building and maintaining effective relationships is a key skill to ensuring personal and organisational success. It is crucially important that you know how to identify and build relationships with the right people in your organisation in order to expand your professional network. This course will teach you how to build better relationships and unlock the value of other people's networks.

Updated Mar 11, 2018
Developing and maintaining relationships with your peers at work can lead to success for both you as an individual, and within your organization. Networking skills and building supportive peer relationships can provide you with a wide variety of experiences, expertise, and institutional knowledge. Whether your exploring executive networking, professional networking, or just general business networking, this course explains how ton identify the people in your organization who are important in helping you reach your goals. You'll learn the skills that maintain solid, mutually beneficial relationships so you can advance your career.