Cryptocurrency Investing Master Class

Cryptocurrency Investing Master Class

Stone River eLearning
Updated Jul 31, 2019

Course Overview

Whether you're a financial whiz or you cannot even balance your checkbook you still need to know about the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency markets.  Anyone can learn the concepts presented in this course and become astute enough in general crypto knowledge to feel comfortable to begin buying and selling Bitcoin Ethereum and other hot cryptos.

Young or old rich or poor learning to invest in this increasingly significant financial markets industry is what needs to happen now.  This is a new and exciting world that is still considered "in its infancy" so getting in now can give you the best chances for windfalls.

Target Audience

Those who know nothing or just enough to talk at parties about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies need to learn the basics of investing in this rapidly growing and exciting market.While crypto is becoming a very important disruptor of all financial markets those who are in now have the best chances of making big gains as cryptocurrencies continue to become more popular and accepted.As the markets continues to grow with billions of dollars worth of coins and tokens being traded every day if you're not in yet you need to take this course so you can learn enough to jump in ASAP while the industry is still in its infancy.This course will teach you all you need to feel comfortable enough to open an exchange account buy some Bitcoin and make your first trade.The content presented in this video series cannot be considered financial advice.

Learning Objective

  • Learn all about the history and current state of the cryptocurrency markets!
  • Understand how Bitcoin works and how to buy sell and hold Bitcoins
  • See why Ethereum is such a great crypto and why it is so popular
  • Learn how to use crypto exchanges for trading lending and leveraging!
  • Understand how all of the different crypto wallets work and how to get them
  • Discover the greatest altcoins on the markets today!
  • Learn how mining Bitcoin and other tokens can put you in the money
  • Get yourself set up for crypto airdrops!
  • Familiarize yourself with all of the security measures you need for keeping your crypto safe
  • Become familiar enough with cryptocurrencies to set up a winning investment strategy ... and much much more!


  • Before taking this course a student should ideally (but not absolutely) have some experience in:
  • Stock market investing/trading
  • Mechanics of financial markets
  • Awareness of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies