Creating Safety in Welding Operations

Creating Safety in Welding Operations

Updated Feb 05, 2019
Welders take pride in their work; after all, their welds are visible for all to see. To avoid injury, welders must also take pride in their safety and make sure safety is also visible for all to see. Every day, welders are confronted with many hazards that can cause serious injury and property damage. Hot metal, intense light, noxious fumes and heavy equipment are only a few potential dangers these employees can encounter. It is imperative that workers who weld be able to recognize all the hazards of their jobs and know how to control or eliminate them. In this program, welders are provided an overview of safety issues related to welding operations and what actions they must take to avoid injury to themselves and their co-workers. Topics include fire prevention, permits, housekeeping, ventilation, PPE, respirator use, and working in close proximity with other welders.