Creating Accountability for Business Results

Creating Accountability for Business Results

Learn how to discuss with a manager your role in the workplace and where it fits in with the company's goals

Updated Aug 28, 2017

Having work that connects to larger goals is very meaningful. When we are clear on why our work matters and how it contributes to the company we have a greater sense of purpose and an increase in personal motivation. While sometimes it may be hard to see, everyone in the company has a purpose. You were hired for a reason—to help the company achieves its goals. For this course you will schedule some time with your manager to discuss your role and what you need to do to help achieve team or company results. When you meet with your manager, you’ll spend time discussing the results the team and/or the company needs to achieve, and then you’ll talk about how you can contribute to these goals. By completing this course, you will know how to work with your boss to create accountabilities for how you are responsible to achieve business results. This course has been approved for 1 hour of PDU credit from PMI (Project Management Institute).