Crane and Hoist Safety

Crane and Hoist Safety

Updated Jan 20, 2021

 This lesson describes rules and responsibilities for the safe operation of cranes, hoists, and riggings. It also explains how to perform hand 10 HSI | Martech Training Services and SOS 100 Safety, Health, and Plant Science 200 Mechanical Maintenance 300 Electrical Distribution 400 Electrical Maintenance 500 Power Generating Systems and Operations 600 Instrumentation and Control 700 Process Systems and Operations 800 Industrial Machining and Welding COURSE LISTING BY TITLE NERC ONLINE COURSES signals as well as perform a safety checklist to operate cranes and hoists. This lesson satisfies the required training for OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910 179 (n)(3)(ix) and (o)(3).

• Identify operator responsibilities

• Recall general safety rules

• Describe operation rules

• Recall rigging safety requirements

• Identify relevant hand signals

• Describe a crane and hoist safety checklist