CompTIA Security+ SY0-501: Types of Malware

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501: Types of Malware

Updated Oct 17, 2019

Course Overview

Most malware is a set of stealthy, complex, hybrid malicious code. This course will specify the different types of malware that organizations must deal with daily, and will prepare the learner for the Security+ SY0-501 exam.

Target Audience

IT security professionals with a minimum of two years' experience in IT administration with a focus on security; users with basic day-to-day technical information security experience; those interested in gaining a broader and deeper knowledge of security concerns and implementation; and learners preparing for the Security+ SY0-501 exam

Learning Objectives

  • describe viruses
  • define worms
  • describe Trojans
  • specify RATs
  • identify different vulnerabilities
  • describe ransomware
  • define cryptomalware
  • describe bots and botnets
  • define backdoors
  • define rootkits
  • define logic bombs
  • define keyloggers
  • classify spyware
  • define stegomalware
  • describe polymorphic packers
  • describe and compare malware types