CompTIA A+ Exam 220-901: Storage Solutions

CompTIA A+ Exam 220-901: Storage Solutions

Updated Oct 17, 2019

Course Overview

Every computer requires some sort of storage device. In this course, you will learn about the different storage options and how they work, and be introduced to the storage solutions for your computer. The course goes into detail regarding different types of hard drives and optical drives, as well as different options for how you can manage your storage.

Target Audience

This path is intended for anyone who wishes to enter the IT professional field, and requires entry-level training to get them started with a career in technical support.

Learning Objectives

  • describe hard disk drive connections
  • describe storage concepts and devices
  • describe external storage connections
  • describe PATA
  • describe SATA
  • describe SCSI
  • describe internal storage connections
  • describe HDD components and characteristics
  • describe PATA configurations and speeds
  • describe a CD
  • describe a DVD
  • describe Blu-Ray
  • describe SATA configurations
  • describe SCSI configurations
  • compare memory cards and solid state
  • describe RAID 0, 1, and 5
  • describe RAID 10
  • describe other RAID options
  • describe hot swappable drives
  • describe hard drive symptoms
  • describe hard drive tools
  • describe the Chkdsk utility
  • describe disk defragmenting
  • identify RAID levels