Comprehending Financials: A Guide to Financial Statements

Comprehending Financials: A Guide to Financial Statements

In order to understand any business, it is important to have a firm understanding of the financials. This course teaches you how to understand the three basic financial statements of any firm - the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet, and the Cash Flow Statement. We will run through several examples of each and teach you the key principles you need to understand to effectively manage your business.

Updated Mar 11, 2018
The focus of any business is to make a profit, generate enough cash to operate effectively, and be financially viable. Financial statements are used to track a business's financial information. There are three basic financial statements used for this purpose: the Income Statement, the Cash Flow Statement, and the Balance Sheet. In this course, you will learn about each of the three financial statements, their reporting requirements, and how information is arranged within them. You will also examine a few examples of financial statements and explore how each financial statement relates to the others.