Communicating Up - Industrial Edition

Communicating Up - Industrial Edition

Vital Learning
Updated Mar 12, 2019

Course Overview

Communicating Up helps you, as a manager, more effectively communicate with your boss or supervisor. Your boss has his or her own communication style and preferences, including medium, frequency, and amount of detail. When you effectively communicate your requests in a way that your supervisor prefers, it's easier to get what you need done. First, you'll learn about the different communication styles and will reflect on which best fit your boss. Next, you'll practice being clear, concise, and proactive in your conversations. Doing this will increase the productivity of your conversations and allow you to get what you need from your manager. Later in the course, you'll see a positive example video of a team leader having a successful Communicating Up conversation. You'll then practice in scenario situations to gain comfort level and confidence in talking to your boss. The ultimate goal is to use these skills back on the job!