Communicating for safety - Effective clinical handover (NSQHS: S6)

Communicating for safety - Effective clinical handover (NSQHS: S6)

Health Staff Ed
Updated Sep 20, 2019

Course Overview

Using the current best practice evidence, at the end of this interactive course, participants will know what the key principles are to apply for an effective clinical handover.Communicating for safety is Standard 6 of the NSQHS standards and is a priority area for improvement of patient safety. This course incorporates all elements of the standard as it applies to clinical handover and content is designed to facilitate and promote incorporation into practice.

Target Audience

Nurses and midwives

Learning Objectives

  • Know when an effective clinical handover is required.
  • Know what the ISBAR andISoBARframeworks for communication are and how to use them effectively in practice.
  • Know the essential elements required for an effective clinical handover.
  • Understand the various roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in a clinical handover.
  • Be able to apply the most effective methods for clinical handover.
  • Be able to provide and participate in an effective clinical handover. 
  • Be able to identify barriers to effective clinical handover and know how to overcome them. Be able to conduct an effective bedside and clinical group handover.