Communicate Powerfully with the Team

Communicate Powerfully with the Team

Seven Dimensions
Updated Dec 30, 2019

Taskforces thrive, says Colin McLaren, if leaders constantly keep the team up to date, up to speed and well briefed. 

Course Overview 

Colin McLaren explains to Eve Ash why taskforce leaders need to resource them teams well. Above all, leaders need to get the result by continuously sharing information and providing the reason for why the investigation is occurring. This can be done with relevant graphics or conveying a problem’s bottom line. Leaders will retain team loyalty if they keep everyone up to date, up to speed, often at the same level. 

Key Learning Points 

To get results, taskforce leaders should: 

  • Continuously share information 

  • Use effective graphics or message to communicate the investigation’s core reason 

  • Always update everyone (generates loyalty) 

Interviewer: Eve Ash 

Interviewee: Colin McLaren