Collaborative Goal Setting at a Distance

Collaborative Goal Setting at a Distance

Provide purpose, clarity and meaning in work by learning to set goals with employees remotely

Updated Aug 28, 2017

Setting goals improves results. When we have clear goals and direction, we know what we must do, when, and to what level of quality. Goals provide clarity. They create a connection to the company, and provide purpose and meaning in our work. Without goals, we may still be busy, yet our accomplishments are not connected to the big picture or the organization’s overall success. As a result, we don’t have the level of direction, focus, and motivation needed to help us be successful and inspire us to be our best. In this course you will work on collaborating with your team members to create individual goals. As discussed in the Introduction video, collaboration in goal setting is essential because it creates higher levels of understanding, ownership and agreement—all of which will drive greater success and results.

Course Accreditation

This course has been approved for 1 hour of PDU credit from PMI (Project Management Institute).