Coaching Skills for Leaders and People Managers

Coaching Skills for Leaders and People Managers

Updated Dec 30, 2020

Coaching plays a huge role in learning organizations. The ability to facilitate professional development in others and improve their performance is important not just to the bottom line, but to people’s well-being and much longer-term organizational health.

Many companies now know this, it’s true. Smaller businesses, as well as multinationals, are now investing in developing their leaders as coaches, hoping to develop internal talent. But with around 58% of managers reporting no formal training for their roles, how much does the average leader really know about coaching?

Do you know what you’re already doing well, and what your blind spots are?

Our course includes a list of essential coaching skills that we believe everybody in a leadership or management position can and should develop.

What you will learn

  • Explain how leadership coaching can help others achieve their full potential.
  • Recognize common coaching challenges.
  • List the four steps of the GROW model.
  • Identify important guidelines for providing feedback.
  • Recall goal-setting strategies that will motivate employees.
  • Collaborating instead of controlling
  • Delegating more responsibility
  • Talking less, listening more
  • Giving fewer orders, asking more questions
  • Giving specific feedback instead of making judgements