Coaching, Mentoring & Developing Employees

Coaching, Mentoring & Developing Employees

Updated Jun 08, 2020

Harness the power of coaching in the workplace. Learn how to shift from a command-and-control style of management to a manager-as-coach style of leadership to transform employee engagement and bottom-line results. Join leadership and negotiation coach as he explains how to establish a coaching relationship with your reports. The instructor shows how skills like open-ended question asking, listening, challenging for growth, and accountability can increase your employees' autonomy and problem-solving capacities. The course includes assessments, exercises, and tools to help your team capture goals, map a career trajectory, and accelerate growth, along with sample coaching conversations help you see these tips in practice and understand their potential impact on your people, productivity, and results.

Learning Objectives:

• Recall methods for probing deeper in conversations with employees.

• Determine which aspect of a challenge to avoid when determining the challenge an employee can undertake.

• Recognize questions that generate the greatest number of ideas during a brainstorming session.

• Explain the advantage of using focused feedback with an employee.

• Identify the potential benefits of listening and using open-ended questions with an employee who is unhappy with her or her job.