Coaching and Mentoring New People - Interactive

Coaching and Mentoring New People - Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated May 10, 2020

Coaching and Mentoring New People is all about managers providing professional development and personal support for new employees. It helps new people learn new skills and embrace the company's cultural and social norms. It helps them grow in their current job and be ready for career opportunities. Mentoring can help assess a new worker's success and progress in the organization. Good coaches and mentors guide rather than dictate. They ask questions and find out what the new person knows and what they need to learn. Good mentoring and coaching will encourage open communication and will help develop trust and respect.

In Coaching and Mentoring New People, the dramatized case study shows Sam and Michael giving Dion constructive feedback. Alex coaches Dion on how to answer the phone properly. Being a good coach and mentor is all about giving time and encouragement and offering practical steps to build skills

Key Learning Points

  • Don’t underestimate those first few days INSTEAD: help them settle in
  • Don’t expect knowledge INSTEAD: Offer practical steps to build skills
  • Don’t be impatient INSTEAD: Give time and encouragement
  • Don’t discourage INSTEAD: Be a caring role model