Children's health and safety: Introduction to healthy eating

Children's health and safety: Introduction to healthy eating

International Child Care College
Updated Aug 01, 2019

Course Overview

This course looks at why good nutrition is so important for young children, and explores the current Australian dietary guidelines for good nutrition. After this introductory course, students are advised to complete the Promoting healthy eating course, which looks further into the role of the educator in promoting good nutrition to children.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for new and trainee educators, as well as students who would like to become early childhood educators and want a better understanding of what the role entails.

The course is also suitable for educators seeking professional development, or for early childhood services wanting to provide holistic professional development for staff members.

Learning Objectives

  • Why good nutrition for young children is so important
  • The legislation and guidelines services must follow in relation to promoting healthy eating
  • The dietary guidelines for good nutrition for babies and young children
  • Business Outcomes

Business Outcomes

Many students want to work as Educators because they love interacting with young children. Many of them don't have an understanding of the broad tasks they will be expected to perform as an Educator, including setting up and cleaning the environment each day. By gaining a more holistic view of an Educator's role, students will be better prepared for the realities of the workplace. The course will also allow services to provide consistent professional development that all staff members can complete individually and at their own pace.