Change Management - Introduction

Change Management - Introduction

Get an appreciation of Change, Change Management and  Models of the Change Process. 

Updated Apr 07, 2021

Enhance your ability to plan, implement and successfully manage the impact of change   

This is the Introduction variant of the definitive certification for professionals dealing with organizational change, transition and transformation

The Change Management course and qualification (developed in collaboration with the Change Management Institute) is designed to help organizations and their people manage the impact of change and provide techniques to effectively plan and implement successful transformation initiatives. It is based on the Effective Change Manager's Handbook - aligned to the Institute's Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) – this course explores how change affects, and is affected by, individuals, teams, organizations and change leaders, equipping individuals with the knowledge, theories and techniques to:

  • Unlock resistance to change
  • Provide effective support and motivation to individuals and teams to embrace change.
  • Speed up the implementation of change initiatives.

Why should I invest in change management?

Despite the increased professionalisation of project and programme management over the past few decades, change projects continue to have high failure levels. Projects with excellent business change management are six times more likely to meet objectives than those with poor change management.

What is Change Management?

Business change management focuses on the people involved and affected by change in your organisation. For change to be successful, the right people need to be involved in making the decisions, planning and implementing the change. Everyone affected by the change (the users) need to support it and make the decision to work in new ways. If this doesn’t happen, however well planned and managed your project is, the change will not take place and benefits will not be realised.

Effective Change Management allows people to :

- Increase ‘buy in’ for change, reducing resistance and addressing concerns.

-  Ensure the changes are suitable, workable and acceptable for all.

- Ensure the change is owned and supported throughout organisation.

- Take 'people issues' into consideration when making decisions.

- Ensure affected users know why it is happening, what they need to do and how

- Ensure new ways of working are sustainable and embedded so the benefits can be realised.

- Enhance your CV and boost future employment prospects.

This accredited self-paced eLearning course puts you on a path towards a qualification in Change Management.  This Package however is the Introduction variant,  upgrades to Foundation and Practitioner level content along with official online exams are available as optional extra. It aims to provide you with a straightforward route to becoming a fully certificated Registered Practitioner in your own time and at your own pace. 

Introduction - Course Content: 

  • 3 modules with associated engaging, motion graphic video lessons 
  • Notes to support each lesson and references to further suggested reading. 
  • Foundation style sample questions to test and embed the learning 
  • Accredited Trainer Support, forums and chat (online)
  • Infographics, tasks and references to consolidate the learning
  • Eligible for 5 CPU/PDU points.
  • Browser-based online software gives you the freedom to access it 24x7 from any location in the world, using a variety of devices


What knowledge & tools are required?

Familiarity with change and change management is useful but not essential.

Who should take this course?

  1. Anyone aspiring for a Change management career or current managers of organizational change, transition or transformation.
  2. Those performing key roles in the design, development and delivery of organizational change programmes, including:

This is an accredited course and sets you on a path towards a potential qualification in Change Management.

What will students achieve or be able to do after taking your course?

a. Appreciation of Organisational change from the Individuals perspective. 

b. Appreciation of Organisational change from the Organisational perspective.

c. Appreciation of Models of the Change process.

d. Eligible for 5 PDUs or CPDs

When you are ready to upgrade/take the Exam/Qualification, please contact your Learning Service Provider

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