CASP (Part 7 of 9): Risk Management

CASP (Part 7 of 9): Risk Management

Are you worried something may happen to your network or your data? Explore the intricacies of risk determination and risk assessment associated with being a CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner as well as the mitigation strategies used to solve potential problems, such as accepting or transferring risk. Also, take a look at business continuity plans -- including BCP, DRP, and BIA -- that can be executed if things get bad.

Lesson 1:

  • Risk Management
  • Risk Determination
  • Risk Analysis
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • SLE
  • ALE

Lesson 2:

  • Handling the Risk
  • Controls
  • Mitigating Risk
  • Avoid Risk
  • Transfer Risk
  • Accepting the Risk

Lesson 3:

  • BCP vs. DRP vs. BIA
  • BCP
  • BCP Testing
  • DRP
  • BIA
  • BIA Diagram