Care Act – Introduction and Overview

Care Act – Introduction and Overview

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Updated Aug 23, 2019

Course Overview

How much do you know about the Care Act? The Act, which was established in 2014, sets out local authorities’ duties in assessing people’s needs and funding and support eligibility. It’s a crucial consideration for anyone looking to understand the modern provision of care.

This course provides an comprehensive introduction to, and an overview of, part one of the Care Act 2014 guidance. It’s designed to help you understand and implement the Act if you’re involved in care and support services.

Learning Objectives

Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a good knowledge of:

  • The Care act 2014 – a simple and comprehensive overview
  • The reasons the Act was introduced
  • Key changes introduced by the Act
  • Legislation, regulations and statutory guidance around the act and its implementation
  • The basic framework of the Act and what it delivers
  • The wellbeing principle
  • Local authorities’ duties and responsibilities
  • The assessment, eligibility, and care and support planning processes
  • What the Care Act means for people who need care and support