Cannabis Legalization and Insurance

Cannabis Legalization and Insurance

PNC Learning
Updated Aug 20, 2019

Course Overview

Learn about cannabis risks, legal responsibilities and how to insure them with special forms. You will also learn about special conditions insurance companies might place when insuring cannabis risks.

  • Disclosure Requirements
  • Eligible Classes
  • Commercial Property
  • Money & Employee Dishonesty
  • General Liability - Premises, Products
  • Machinery & Equipment Breakdown
  • Transit & Storage
  • Surety
  • Product Recall
  • Cyber
  • Workplace Impairment
  • E&O / Malpractice
  • Directors & Officers
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Insurance for Landlords
  • Marijuana Events

Target Audience

Insurance professionals, accountants, lawyers or other non-insurance professionals dealing in or with the cannabis industry.

Learning Objectives

Help insurance professionals and non-insurance professionals alike learn about cannabis legalization, the risks and how to insure them with a focus on Canadian law as a reference point.