Can I Help You? - Insights and Strategies Series

Can I Help You? - Insights and Strategies Series

Seven Dimensions
Updated Mar 05, 2019

Pete Williams shows how to engage customers from the first moment rather than being robotic. Learn to avoid service turnoffs and find new approaches to body language and tone to ensure a positive guest experience.

This engaging program teaches learners the importance of good presentation, greeting others professionally, building rapport – all part of making a good impression. 

Key Learning Points
•    Service turn off
•    Pattern interrupt
•    Body language & tone
•    Engage from the start
•    Offer practical assistance
•    Provide useful information
•    Ask an open question to begin a conversation
•    Have fun with new approaches

Target Audience
Anyone in the customer service industry.

This program is one of the Insights and Strategies Series, featuring psychologist Eve Ash interviewing a range of experts and business leaders who share their experiences and practical strategies for achieving best practice.