Calming a Complainer - Interactive

Calming a Complainer - Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated May 06, 2020

The Calming a Complainer course provides skills to deal wth comlpainers professionally and calmly by examining an amusing case study: Barney is irate because his car is blocked in, and gets increasingly angry when his complaint is mismanaged. He shows how when someone is angry and complaining, you never become angry yourself. You stay calm – never be rude or patronizing. Manage your emotions – know that you have the capacity to solve the problem - and take responsibility to get things fixed. Show your concern, actively listen, ask questions to get to the facts, and work together to solve the problem with a practical solution.

In this Calming a Complainer course you will learn that when someone has a complaint or is unhappy or becoming angry, you must not get caught up in their emotions. You will manage a complainer well when you take responsibility to fix problems and keep working with them to exceed expectations.

Key Learning Points

  • Don’t ignore reasons for anger INSTEAD: Ask questions to establish facts
  • Don’t raise your voice INSTEAD: Stay calm and in control
  • Don’t escalate by being defensive INSTEAD: Take responsibility to fix problems
  • Don’t lose your positivity INSTEAD: Persevere and exceed expectations