Call Center Management & Leadership Skills

Call Center Management & Leadership Skills

This course can help employees strengthen interactions with customers, understand digital customer service and improve customer satisfaction. The program serves as a fantastic resource for call centers looking to strengthen their employees' customer service skills. Lessons provide a comprehensive overview of skills needed to interact with customers online and over the phone, techniques for handling difficult customers and ways to track call center performance.

Updated Jun 21, 2019

Great supervisors are understanding and listen to staff. They also know when to act, and they do it decisively. They offer support when needed and pull back to let agents perform.

Senior managers must be self-starters with initiative and discipline. They must have strong core values and know how to elicit and apply these values. They know how to lead people through training, coaching, performance management, and mentoring. They are able to coach and communicate effectively to get the best from people, offering advanced communication to provide structured and developmental feedback.

Effective leaders create a culture of positive work and establish performance benchmarks that assist in its creation. They assist in creating and developing high performance teams and understand the key factors involved in this process.

They have the ability to influence and lead persuasive presentations. They also recognize and embrace conflict and use a win-win approach. They manage politics within the organization and develop strategies for both the company's competitive advantage and to establish a framework for positive growth.