Bullying and Harassment - Difficult People and Situations Series

Bullying and Harassment - Difficult People and Situations Series

Seven Dimensions
Updated Mar 08, 2019

Bullying, harassment and especially sexual harassment is unacceptable in any workplace.

But many people don't realize when the line is crossed. And what can someone do if they are bullied?

These four outstanding dramatized case scenarios will provide triggers to help identify bullying and enable people to discuss strategies for reporting and overcoming it.

Case 1: Rachel and Mark

Mark is a senior consultant, but his manager makes him feel humiliated. He talks to his father but is reluctant to go to HR.

Case 2: Mike and Judy

Judy is upset about the way Mike speaks to her. It is making her feel sick about work.

Case 3: Kim and Jane

Kim and Jane are peers but Kim is making it awkward for Jane who likes to do her job well. Is this bullying?

Case 4: Mike and Claire

Mike is Claire's boss and up until recently they often laughed and joked together. But now he has started asking her out, requesting her to stay back from work and even move her desk closer to his. Claire stands up to Mike but is unsure of the future.

Learning Objectives

Harassing and bullying behaviors represent the epitome of a difficult situation for any organization. Teach staff and teams on any level that harassment will not be tolerated, and utilize this program as a tool to discuss actions and consequences as well as prevention strategies. With this training, employees will be able to recognize sexual harassment early, and know what to do should they witness or be the victims themselves of any unwarranted, harassing behaviors.

Key Learning Points

  •  Identify bullying behaviors
  •  Recognize sexual harassment early
  •  Discuss actions and consequences
  •  Discuss prevention strategies

This course is part of The Difficult People and Situations Series. With four dramatized case studies, this leadership skill straining will equip organizations with the tools required to handle any difficult scenario while growing successful, problem-solving teams. Informative, thought-provoking case studies and lessons presented in this training are intended for managers, teams and staff at all levels and will sharpen effective communication and leadership skills.

Target Audience

Ideal for managers and staff at all levels for use in staff meetings, development sessions, and training workshops.