Building & Managing Strong Teams

Building & Managing Strong Teams

Updated Jun 08, 2020

Course details

At its essence, a team is a system of human relationships. In the process of building a team, any leader or manager needs to understand not only the needs of individual team members, but also how those individuals are affected when working in groups. Effective teams emerge from an understanding of these dynamics. In this course, the instructor explains how to build an efficient, high-performing team from the ground up. Izzy helps you understand your leadership style, and walks through the different stages of team development. He goes into different types of teams—natural or self-directed, cross-functional, and virtual. He also shows how to establish a team mission and how to run successful meetings.

Learning objectives

  • Identify the keys to success as a team leader.
  • Explore management interactions commonly needed during the four team development stages.
  • Recall the meaning of continuous improvement and what drives the process.
  • Review the do's and don't of creating a team mission statement.
  • Review how to use roles effectively during team meetings.
  • Explore how to best use consensus strategies like thumbs up/down/sideways.