Being an Effective Manager When Times Are Tough

Being an Effective Manager When Times Are Tough

To be a successful manager, it is crucial that you understand how to lead your team through tough periods and navigate major challenges. Employees depend on their managers and look to them for leadership in tough times, and it is important that you have the skills and temperament to stand up and lead your team. This course will provide you with a guide to managing your team through tough times, including tips on how to deal with difficult issues like cost reduction and laying off staff.

Updated Mar 11, 2018
Most companies will eventually face tough times, and it's during these times that your role as a manager is vital. The employees you manage will depend on your leadership to help see them through, and shying away from tough conversations may only make the situation worse. In this course, you'll learn specific strategies for weathering difficult times, including ways to reduce costs, how to hold difficult conversations with employees and secure their support, and what alternatives to consider before laying off staff. For when there's no other choice, you'll learn how best to plan and implement staff reductions, and how to deliver the difficult message. You'll also learn about opportunities you can use to strengthen your organization during difficult times.