Behind the Podcast : Aran Goyoaga on We Are Photographers

Behind the Podcast : Aran Goyoaga on We Are Photographers

Creative Live
Updated Mar 15, 2019

CreativeLive’s podcast We Are Photographers hosted by Kenna Klosterman brings you true stories from behind the lens and behind the lives of your favorite photographers, filmmakers and creative industry game changers. From their struggles to their wins, get the real human stories about why they do what they do. If you’re ready to join us in the hustle, listen, get inspired and discover why in the end the creative journey is all worth it. Upcoming podcast guests include Cristina Mittermeier, Brooke Shaden, Dave Krugman, TY Bello, Joshua Kissi and Karen Okonkwo and more.

In this premiere episode launching CreativeLive's brand new weekly photography podcast, Kenna records a live conversation with author, food stylist and photographer, Aran Goyoaga.

Aran is the author of "Small Plates & Sweet Treats: My Family's Journey to Gluten-Free Cooking" and the award-willing Cannelle et Vanille blog. Her work has been featured in many publications including The New York Times, Food & Wine and Conde Nast Traveler. Join the 280,000+ creatives following Aran's images and recipes on IG at @cannellevanille.