Become a GREAT Coach

Become a GREAT Coach

Focus Learning
Updated Oct 22, 2020

Here’s a crazy statistic: Bersin by Deloitte estimates that today’s skills only have a shelf-life of 2 ½ to 5 years. Be the leader your team needs to overcome this. By providing the right coaching and development opportunities, you can count on stronger employee engagement, greater productivity, and increased retention due to constant training and development.

Who needs to do this:

Team leaders, supervisors, and first-time managers in need of practical tactics to frame up powerful conversations.

What you’ll learn:

● Why is coaching is so integral to team leadership

● How to be a GREAT coach​

● The models to use coach your team:​

○ DEDICT – How to demonstrate skills they’ll use and remember.

○ GROW – Set a career path and future for your team member.​

○ SBIR - The best way to provide effective feedback.​

● WRAP UP – Set an action plan to implement these coaching skills.