Basic Accounting Concepts for Non-financial Professionals

Basic Accounting Concepts for Non-financial Professionals

It's important for all business professionals to have a basic knowledge of accounting and finance concepts. This course covers the various key terms and concepts you should know. By the end of this course you will understand the effect different business activities have on your company's financial results.

Updated Mar 11, 2018
Finance and accounting are at the heart of every business. Even if your role isn't directly related to finance, your activities may still have financial implications. This course explains the basics of finance for non-finance professionals, and covers key accounting and finance essentials and concepts: the basic accounting equation, accrual-based accounting, and basic accounting principles. It explores business finance, including how business transactions affect financial statements and the bottom line. You'll walk through the four-step accounting process, and you'll learn the fundamental principles of cash flow management and the four types of financial risk.