Avoiding Jargon and Slang

Avoiding Jargon and Slang

Channel 1 Creative Media
Updated Feb 27, 2019

Course Overview 

One of the biggest barriers to communication is when speakers and writers assume that the people they are addressing know a great deal more than they actually do. The use of jargon and slang can turn any business relationship into a communication nightmare! How the message is delivered can greatly affect the clarity of understanding of the receiver.

Learning Objectives 

This communication training video explores the importance of:

  • Avoiding jargon and technical terms
  • Asking questions to clarify meanings
  • Tailoring language for particular target groups
  • Building rapport and its impact on the communication process

Target Audience 

Aimed at all workers.

Business Outcomes  

Clarify the communication in your workplace with this easy to follow communication video.


 6 Minutes