Assertiveness Training: How to Get What You Want

Assertiveness Training: How to Get What You Want

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Updated Jul 02, 2020

Assertiveness training is one of the key skills in the workplace to achieve career goals. 

Would you like to use assertiveness to get a pay raise at work? Would you like to know exactly what happens when you confront tough conversations the right way? Would you like to know how the best communicators get what they want? Well now you can! Best-selling author Cara Lane presents her incredible assertiveness training in this video.

Six essential values of assertiveness include: 
1. The Word Defined - understand true assertiveness 
2. The Look Revealed - use body language to increase your believability 
3. The Tough Talks - incorporate proven formulas for success 
4. The Emotional Equation - recreate your human responses 
5. The Communication Rules - define your intent 
6. The Considerate Connection - respond accordingly

Cara Lane gives people the confidence to accomplish their goals and dreams. Just as important, she knows that with the right amount of motivation and passion people can contribute more to those around them.