Assertive Communication Skills

Assertive Communication Skills

This course teaches you how to be more effective and assertive in your communication style. The lessons in this course go far beyond simple 'how-to' tips, and focus on the psychology of communication and how to use these principles to your advantage. You will learn how to be sure you get your message across while avoiding unnecessary emotional conflicts in your conversations at work and at home.

Updated Jul 02, 2019

Course Overview

Honest communication takes courage. This course is a fresh take on solving communication problems, from overcoming your own specific obstacles to developing useful habits and scripts to ensure your messages are clear. In a stimulating 90-minute course, you’ll gain a lifetime of insight into why communication breaks down and doesn’t provide the desired reaction or results, and you’ll learn simple, solid steps that’ll spare you from interpersonal interactions that turn into emotional battlegrounds.

Some of the important teaching points

  • Changing bad habits and acknowledging the potential consequences
  • How emotions affect communication
  • The characteristics of different communication styles (including some not-so-common ones)
  • Proven assertive communication techniques designed to help you stay calm and focused while still being able to get your point across

What set’s this program apart? The skills go beyond typical "how-to" tips, into truly understanding the psychology of communication and how to use it to your advantage. You’ll never again wonder if your message was received as intended, and you’ll see real results with less struggle and frustration.

Program Guide

Module 1:Three "V’s" of Communication

Module 2:Aggressive vs. Passive

Module 3:Passive, Passive-Aggressive and Lesser-known Styles

Module 4:Assertive Techniques